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​At LAB Partners we provide consulting services by helping our clients define and implement cost effective business solutions.

As an independent third party, we assist our clients in defining and prioritizing their business needs by working in partnership with them.



One of our key solutions is all-in-one digital payment solutions of both online and spot payment for our merchant clients called LAB Pay. At LAB Pay, we pride ourselves on providing our clients' industry specific mobile payment solution. While we are expanding our services in the region, we also continuously commit to conduct the research and development on different payment channels to perfect our mobile payment solution coverage. To learn more about LAB Pay, please visit for more detailed offerings.

Support 50+

Crypto Currencies Payment

Reach out to 90M+ World

Wide New Customers Base

Over 20 years of professional

experience in financial industry

LAB Consulting is the consulting arm of LAB Partners.

Based on our understanding of their business and the professional experience of our consultants, we assist our clients in developing strategic solutions and implementation models that will enable them to realize their business visions. In addition, we help our clients develop solutions from the business perspective rather than from a technological point of view.

Given the increasingly competitive business environment and the ever-changing needs of customers, we are constantly challenging the status quo. LAB Partners is committed to providing our clients with breakthrough solutions that will give them an innovative perspective on the business.

With our combined strength, our team has vast experience in business consulting, marketing, multimedia and technological development. By incorporating strong project management principles and extensive technology expertise, especially in the financial sector, we ensure that our clients’ requirements are met on time and on budget. Together with our creative and usability team, we strive to provide our professionalism in order to build and develop a long-term relationship.

As part of our research and development program, we have developed our own applications in response to market needs. In addition to a content management system and a workflow system that we offer to our clients, at LAB Partners, we also offer other solutions which focus on helping them to increase their revenue potential and improve customer satisfaction.

Products-Specific Solutions

iPortal is our portal framework together with pre-built business components tailored for the financial sector. This solution was developed based on our previous collective professional experiences working with our clients in the financial sector. The framework design is driven by our understanding of the end users’ preferences, the latest market condition, as well as our foremost objective in helping financial institutions conduct targeted cross-selling and brand enhancement activities.


iPortal, an interactive and intelligent nancial portal solution catered for the financial institutions, was developed based on results observed from research and analysis conducted by our team of financial consultants. Through interviews with key players in the financial industry and actual users of the financial services, iPortal ensures that the solution is realistically applicable to institutions in today’s environment.

iPortal is a comprehensive portal solution which provides streamlined information access ows so that productivity, agility, and speed to address increasing business challenges in the financial market are substantially enhanced. At the same time, it fulfills the increasing demand of users’ expectations for a rich, responsive and interactive online application. iPortal was developed using a proven leading edge portal server technology which is exceptionally dynamic and user friendly. Unlike the traditional web design technology, portal technology offers advanced and innovative features to deliver Web 2.0 values.

Why iPortal ?

with which, a exible and dynamic user interface is created in accordance to users’ preferences and objectives. Users are able to perform their frequently accessed functions on the same page, allowing them to complete their desired tasks instantly.

Strong customization and

personalization capabilities

on the overall iPortal application since each portlet is a tiny standalone application and any modi cation on such the business functions in one portlet will not a ect the operations of the others. As such, the possibility of viewing page errors is extremely minimized.

Enhanced performance and

user experience

features which enable institutions to re-deploy the portlets in locations in the portal application whenever and wherever appropriate.

Effortless multi-locations utilization of common functions and features

with the institutions’ core banking system and other related systems such as the market news and data feed.

Proven and ready to integrate

Multi-lingual supported user interface including English, Traditional and Simplified

Compliance with authoritative bodies requirements

Advanced and innovative security features with preemptive measures

Empowered inter-portlet communication

Easy system integration for both internal and external systems

Low project implementation risk with proven pre-built framework


Physical Setup


Understanding of your needs and define the appropriate outsourcing model


Operational Support


Resources planning and management


Standards and process framework implementation


Resources retention

and training


Performance tracking and measurement


Risk control

and Management


Improvement planning

At LAB Partners, we are experienced in helping our clients define suitable outsourcing model, should it be regular secondment at the clients’ sites or staff placement in our offshore center. We believe that only a cost effective and efficient outsourcing model is self-sustainable in the long run.


At LAB Partners, we offer consultancy in corporate and operations strategies, as well as analyzing and streamlining business processes, to enable you to achieve your business vision. Our business consultants are trained to work very closely with our clients, especially during the Requirement Stage. The major purpose is to ensure that the solutions developed can meet the clients’ ultimate business objectives.

Design and Usability

Our design team together with our usability consultant is committed to work closely with you to create smart concepts that truly reflect your company’s image. We develop look and feel that act as a supporting role to the complete creative idea. To build a solution with long lasting identity, our usability consultant ensures that the user interface is user friendly. Depending on the type of applications or projects, our usability consultants help our client to define and design the suitable information architecture as well as navigation flow.


In order to help our clients achieve their business objectives, we research and develop core solutions that provide high return on investment for their companies. Our technology team is not only professionally trained, but is also well equipped with industry knowledge. All of our technology consultants have years of experience in system design, applications development, IT infrastructure setup and support, and more.


Service Offerings

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